Bisan Goes Green

Green IT – As the whole world is working on reducing carbon emissions and developing more energy saving products, the IT sector is contributing its share to Go Green in today’s fast growing technology. Bisan Systems adopted the concept early on through its Online Financial Management Applications, the Bisan Enterprise Edition, therefore reducing the need for unnecessary hardware, servers, and electricity power on our clients’ side.

Our Online Applications have an integrated document attachment module that enables our clients to save paper and convert to a paper free office. Our module provides our clients with the ability to attach any file type with the related record or voucher such as attaching the needed documentation to accounting vouchers as well as attaching item pictures with the item’s card. A workflow and electronic approvals module is integrated with the main aim of reducing the need for printed paper for circulation.

Bisan has built two energy efficient data centers to host their clients’ data, where the heat emission from its servers is recycled to heat its offices.

We continue to adopt new ways and technologies that promote saving our environment from heat emission to reducing electricity usage to saving paper while working effortlessly on providing our clients with the top notch technologies and solutions.