Semi-automated vs. Automated Order Processing

Why is Semi-automated better than Automated?

Semi-automated Order Processing vs. Automated Order Processing

What is automated order processing and sales order processing

Automated order processing is when technology and systems are put in place to process orders faster by eliminating manual work. With automation, order processing can help reduce human error, improve operational efficiencies and ultimately speed up the fulfillment and shipping process.


What is semi-automated order processing and sales order processing

Semi-automated processes require manual intervention or the involvement of a human being at some point in order to complete the order’s process. Semi-automated provides more control and flexibility.


Semi-automated Order Processing vs. Automated Order Processing

For Automated Order Processing a user must build every scenario for every specific transaction. Each stage requires the user to define the appropriate reaction for each specific scenario. Quantity and price options could vary for retailers, which is why it is necessary for this stage to have a human touch. There is no Artificial Intelligence available today that is sophisticated enough to give the retailer the needed flexibility in his/her order and sales processing.

For semi-automated order processing a user starts with one document that flows to the rest of the documents to complete the order process, as each step occurs in real time. 

Bisan’s Order Processing:

An incredibly fast and scalable solution, Bisan’s semi-automation handles the excel sheet orders your customers send by allowing each user to import it to the system through a predefined template. No errors, no down time, no late orders and no overtime.

There are four steps to register a sales order on Bisan ERP. Upon creating a proforma, a user then sends it to sales order, then to store issue and finally to sales invoice. A step can be skipped by sending the sales order immediately to a sales invoice, rather than to a store issue. For purchases the options that differ are purchase return and purchase invoice. The processing of customer orders is significantly accelerated with Bisan Order Management. All orders are reliably captured, the loss of documents is precluded. Orders placed by Mobile Sales App are also sent directly to the system.

Why is Semi-automated better than Automated?

  • Processes are abundantly more Flexible.
  • The workflow of a process can be rearranged simply, as the tasks, not the whole process, are automated.
  • Upgrades and Enhancements are regularly occurring.
  • Semi-automation offers continuous year-round upgrades. However, automated machines and software are much more limited to upgrades.
  • Productivity is significantly boosted.
  • A business gains huge benefits by transferring from no automation to semi-automation, but the benefits of transferring to full automation are limited.
  • The importance of the Human Touch.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning entails many processes that are extremely sensitive, as each step that follows on the software is crucial. That is why the mix of automated and manual are currently the best direction. Also, contrary to popular belief, semi-automated is more efficient in the long term, as each user can think of and devise better ways of organizing their work.

Bisan ERP’s Unique Benefits

  1. Quick and easy set up. No hardware to install, complete implementation and training cycle. Be up and running in a day.
  2. Reduce cost-to-serve by eliminating the need for expensive Customer Service reps to do repetitive data entry. Bisan provides a Macro Recorder, which is a tool to record recurring transactions for higher efficiency and productivity.
  3. Continuous upgrades at no additional cost.
  4. 365 days support availability free of charge.
  5. Bisan can be used anytime and anywhere on any device. Nonetheless, users are organized in a tree fashion similar to that of the company’s administrative tree, each user can be assigned specific access rights on any option, module and functionality in the system.
  6. A modular seamlessly integrated system with a single point of entry.
  7. Adaptable to your own business and industry needs.
  8. 100% secure access to real time information and multi-layer security.
  9. Barcode readers, scales, check readers etc. are fully integrated with Bisan ERP. Order data is validated before it is allowed into your ERP.
  10. Automatic Price Acceptance. Bisan follows your unique business rules around price variances and how to handle them. You just set and forget.
  11. Complete event log of every interaction with each order = audit trail compliance.


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