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Bisan Enterprise Edition


From small accounting applications to enterprise systems, Bisan Systems offers the most comprehensive, cost-effective, dependable, and scalable solutions to the industry.  Bisan Systems has been a market leader in financial management applications serving a wide range of trade businesses, non-profit organizations, governmental and industrial institutions.  Bisan is well known for its advancement in technology, its understanding of the businesses current needs and future expansions as well as for its high level and professional support and service.


Bisan Enterprise is a financial management package with various modules serving small, medium, and large size industries.  Bisan Enterprise is based on Object Oriented Technology using the state of the art Java Language.


Bisan Systems Ltd. offers the Bisan Enterprise Edition with the following main features:


Search Functionality - A unique enormously detailed search mechanism which enables search in any given database regardless of its size by searching through keywords or any other requested field, Search utilizes soundex algorithm that is especially handy for Arabic keyword searches.


Filtering Capability - Capability to filter tables by excluding or including any criteria.


Segmented Accounts - According to the type of institution whether governmental or private, manufacturing or service oriented, clients could tailor segmented accounts to cope with management requirements.


User Friendly - The system provides user friendly menus and graphics, a capability to hide, show and move columns around to customize screens per user.  


Drill Down - A complete drill down functionality showing all details on each transaction on every report.


Reporting Capability - An extensive reporting capability customized according to criteria and detailed in respect to fields of interest.  This functionality includes report publishing, report saving, comparative report analysis, and graphical formats.


Security - An all inclusive security feature that only permits authorized users access in permissible modules, field, and sub-fields.


Multi Lingual - A unique multi lingual implementation providing the user the option to switch between desired languages at any giving time during a session.


Multi Currency - Allows the user to manage as many currencies as needed, keeping track of account balances, customer statements and financial reports in the standard currency as well as any other desired currency while automatically calculating applicable rates.


Internet Enabled - The system is fully written in the Java programming language which is the internet standard.  It fully supports internet/intranet functions such as web publishing of reports; online multiple locations accounting, as well as business to business and business to customer interface.

Bisan Enterprise Financial Management Edition

Bisan Systems Ltd. offers a full financial package covering all aspects of accounting from the general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory control, sales and purchase orders, multiple salesmen, multiple warehouses, bank reconciliation, a full set of sales and purchase as well as financial reports.


Bisan Enterprise NGO Edition


For Non Governmental and Non Profit Organizations covering all accounting aspects starting with the general ledger, funds accounting, cost center and project segmentation, as well as a full set of reporting per fund and per project.  An inventory module handling the sales and purchases cycles can be integrated for organizations that need this capability


Additional Features:

- Document Attachment

- Audit Trail Capability with Historical Information

- Serial Number and Lot Tracking

- Consolidation Reporting

- Electronic approvals of Transactions

- Branch Accounting

- Projects and Cost Centers

- Financial Budgeting

- Payroll

- Shareholder Management

- Fixed Asset Management

- Production Module

- Inventory Budgeting


Bisan Enterprise Customized Edition


Bisan Systems offers a fully customizable application serving larger enterprises while integrating the clients own corporate culture. Bisan System offers a complete Management Information System using the enterprise's own procedures, own policies and own vocabulary.


Bisan Enterprise Online Edition


Bisan System offers an Application Service Provider delivery option for the first time in Palestine.  This comes from Bisan Systems' commitment to quality and technology advancement techniques.  The Bisan Enterprise Online Edition permits clients to use the system while connected online to a secure server outside their premises. The client will have accessibility through a unique username and password allowing access over the Internet from any PC worldwide.  This feature provides a number of benefits for its users which can be summarized as follows: