Online Application

Bisan Systems offers Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery option which allows people from across the organization to work from remote locations and have access to needed information given the appropriate access right and limitations with high security protocols. The Bisan Enterprise Online Edition enhances the use of handheld devices for Van sales connected via wireless media, bar code readers and scanners for warehouse and inventory activity among others.

Benefits of Online/Cloud Computing

    • Reduced and predictable cost of ownership
    • Data security
    • Reduced costs, streamlined maintenance and support
    • Minimum investment in hardware equipment
    • Provides professional data center and expertise
    • Access your data from anywhere requiring minimum connection speed
    • Fast deployment
    • Minimal down time
    • Scalability
    • Mobile computing
    • Cost Effective – minimum investment in hardware equipment
    • Reliability and Security – your application is available to you while ensuring high security and data integrity
    • Technology – full backup and disaster recovery services
    • Support – immediate support and immediate upgrades and enhancements installations
    • AntiVirus protection – we offer protection from viruses on the internet with our continuously upgraded antivirus software
    • Hacker and Spyware protection – our secure hardware and software firewall provide protection from internal and external hackers.
    • Availability – we give you access to the application from any location and any PC or MAC you desire