Governmental Edition

Bisan Enterprise Governmental Edition meets the highest industry standards, specializes in Government Sector Public Financial Management for accounting software and control. Bisan Enterprise Governmental Solution is optimized for public finance, with fiscal Controls and government financial management rules built into the main code of the software.

Bisan Enterprise Governmental Edition is a centralized fully Integrated Financial Management Information System, featuring a user defined chart of accounts and segments of any size, with sub ledgers giving the user the flexibility of tracking transactions to the smallest detail providing a tool for auditing and transparency. With a user-friendly interface, integrated with flexible financial budgeting and control module clients could tailor segmented accounts to cope with stakeholder’s requirements with a wide range of reporting capabilities, while transactions are processed in the most efficient and effective means

Combined with an integrated procurement and fixed asset management modules, Inventory and warehouse management, workflow and electronic transaction approvals, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Treasury module Bisan Enterprise Governmental Solution provides a solid backbone structure for supporting policies and procedures linking all divisions and subdivisions within the organizational structure and ensuring all income, expenses, assets and liabilities are recorded in one integrated system

With the above combination Bisan Enterprise provides a centralized online integrated financial management system while decentralizing transaction processing and providing a powerful instrument for improving control, efficiency, transparency, and effectives with instant real time live reporting

Financial management Module:

    • General ledger
    • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
    • Financial Reporting & Cash Flow
    • Multi Segments Management
    • Multi Level File Structure
    • Multi Currency Management

Banks & Treasury Management Module:

    • Full Banking & Checks
    • Check Printing & Bank Transfer Forms
    • Bank Account Ceiling Control:

Budgeting Module:

    • Real Time Full Integration
    • Budget Control:
    • Budget Appropriation and Allotments
    • Budget Flexibility:
    • Multi Year Budgets
    • Multiple Budgets per Period
    • Budget Vouchers
    • Flexible Dates
    • Flexible Controls
    • Reporting

Procurement Management Module:

    • Real Time Full Integration
    • Obligation control:
    • Inventory and warehouse Management
    • Asset Management

Business Intelligence & Reporting:

    • Workflow & Electronic Transaction Approval

Configuration & Security:

    • Access Rights & Security
    • Advanced Security
    • Station Login Security
    • Document Printing & Signature Setup
    • Control Dates
    • Internet Enabled

General Software Features:

    • Drill Down Functionality
    • Filtering Capabilities
    • Advanced Search Functionality
    • Multi Lingual System
    • Export To HTML, Excel, Word, & XML
    • User Friendly
    • Record Cloning
    • Document Attachment
    • Full Audit Trail
    • Multiple Year Reporting
    • Integration
    • Segmented Accounts